Steve Rosen

Special Litigation Counsel/Partner


Special Litigation Counsel

Steve serves as Bike Legal’s Special Litigation Counsel and litigates injury cases for our clients throughout all of California and Nevada. For more than 7 years, Steve worked as a defense counselor for insurance companies defending personal injury lawsuits. During that time, Steve came to realize the enormous impact the injuries had on their victims and their families. Wanting to really help people, and not just big companies, Steve shifted his career in a new direction. In 2014, Steve founded Rosen Law Offices in Dana Point. Steve recovered millions of dollars for his clients and got them the just compensation they deserved.

Steve’s experience as a defense attorney gives him a unique advantage to use his insider knowledge to work around the insurance companies’ strategies and get our clients the compensation they deserve. Steve saw what kind of attorney earned the biggest settlements for their clients. Time and time again, the counsel that had a close relationship and truly understood the intricacies of their client’s claim were able to obtain larger settlements. Meanwhile, the attorneys from large firms that had little time to devote to their clients hardly fought for more than the bare minimum their client deserved. With this in mind, Steve has dedicated himself to provide the greatest attention and care to every client he represents.
When not advocating for his clients, you can find Steve cycling throughout South County or at the beach in his hometown of Dana Point with his wife Stephanie, and children, Greyson and Isabella.

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