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Cyclists Representing Cyclists Throughout California for Over 35 Years

At Bike Legal, not all of our attorneys are cyclists and not all of our cyclists are attorneys—for a reason. Cycling is a tough sport, but it also brings us lots of joy. While not all of our attorneys are avid cyclists, many of them are. Most importantly, all of our attorneys understand cycling accident cases more than most other lawyers or law firms out there. Why? Because we solely focus our practice on these types of cases. This focus, along with our personal understanding of the cycling community, makes us some of the most effective advocates for injured cyclists around.

There is an old saying in the field of law: “The law is a jealous mistress.” At Bike Legal, we prefer to have our attorneys focused on practicing law, not on racing, PRing on Strava, or addicted to being on the road. That being said, we are incredibly well-versed in both the world of cycling and the field of law. Our California bicycle accident attorneys work very hard to get the absolute best results for our clients who have been injured in cycling accidents. Our lawyers are true cycling attorneys, as they understand your needs and actually work on fulfilling them. As a client, you receive superior service and the results-driven representation you need and deserve.

We invite you to take the time to read more about our attorneys and learn who we arewhat we do, and how we can fight for you in the wake of a bike accident.

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Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Cyclists are far more exposed than motorists on the roadways, and as such, riders can suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries in the event of a collision. Even low-speed crashes can cause severe physical trauma, as a rider can be flung from their bicycle and potentially be hit by other oncoming vehicles. While the nature and extent of injuries will vary based on the speed of impact, if the cyclist was wearing a helmet or other protective gear, and the location of the crash, the effects are almost always worse for the cyclist than for the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles involved.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

While the causes of bicycle accidents can be as varied as their effects, many collisions are the direct result of driver negligence. From failing to look for bicyclists before changing lanes to driving while intoxicated, motorists often violate their duty of care to watch out for cyclists on the roadways, resulting in devastating accidents. Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in California include:

  • Failing to obey traffic laws
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Driving while drunk
  • Aggressive driving
  • Unsafe road conditions

Get a Team of Skilled Advocates on Your Side

The last thing you need after a bicycle accident caused by a negligent motorist is to be faced with a mountain of medical bills and tedious negotiations with insurance companies who – despite their friendly demeanor – do not have your best interests at heart. At Bike Legal, we understand what you are going through and are prepared to go the distance in pursuit of the compensation you need to recover and get riding again. Having recovered millions for injured riders throughout California, our bicycle accident attorneys have the skills and resources to maximize your chances of securing every penny’s worth of your entitled damages. Don’t go through this difficult time alone and let Bike Legal ensure your rights are protected.

Bike Legal serves all of California with cycling attorney legal services, including the communities of Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, greater Orange County and the Inland Empire. Contact us today for your free case evaluation!


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“They consistently fight for their clients to get superior settlements and have excellent client services.”

– Vince D.

“The regular updates helped to reassure us that they were diligently working on our behalf. They always took my calls or returned messages promptly.”

– JR- Triathlete

“You were able to recover far more than I ever expected and was able to get back racing quickly!”

– Sasha R.

“When my wife, Alison, was hit by a pickup truck while riding her bike, the Bike Legal team responded to our questions quickly with a precise and understandable manner.”

– RL- Team Velosport Cyclist

“I greatly appreciate the quick efforts to get me back on my feet and cycling again. Very friendly staff that all worked together to make the process very easy.”

– RF CAT 1 Cyclist

Helping you move through your medical treatment with ease

Bike Legal has the resources and relationships with experts to put together cases as quickly as possible to maximize compensation for injured victims and their families. We have successfully tried multiple cases, and we are not afraid to go to court if it means achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. More importantly, our firm’s unique blend of cycling and law culture means that every client benefits from our in-depth experience and focused mindset to aid in their recovery after an accident.

Our deep roots in local cycling communities gives us a distinct edge; we understand the full impact bicycle accident injuries have on victims and their loved ones. Armed with this understanding, along with our extensive legal insights gained over decades in practice, we are uniquely positioned to advocate for injured cyclists throughout California. While we are strong advocates for bicyclist safety, we realize that accidents will still happen. When they do, you can rely on our firm to fight for you, your rights, and your recovery.

Contact Bike Legal online or call 1-877-Bike-Legal for a free consultation. There are no fees unless/until we win your case.

You won’t pay unless we win!

Call 1-877-Bike-Legal to request a complimentary case review and learn about your legal options. Our team is available 24/7.

At Bike Legal it has been our philosophy to be involved and give back to our community. We believe that by giving back to local teams and events that we can leave our mark in growing the sport of cycling, which we love so much. Some of the things that we do to give back to the community are: Put on safety talks educating cyclists on how to best protect themselves, based off of cases that we have handled. Educating cyclists on what to do in the event of an accident. Educating cyclists on how to best protect themselves with proper insurance coverages, so that they make sure if tragedy strikes you and your family are financially covered. Updating you on the most up to date laws in the state of California affecting cyclists. For our most up date safety blogs please click here.

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