Matt Danh

Managing Attorney


Managing Attorney

Matt serves as Bike Legal’s Managing Attorney for our Pre-Litigation Department.  He has personally handled over 300 cycling cases and is very passionate about practicing law and helping Bike Legal clients achieve the maximum results after they have been involved in a cycling accident.  Matt has handled cases involving vehicle vs. cyclist, cyclist vs. cyclist, dangerous road conditions, and pretty much everything in between.  What separates Matt is his unique experience.  Prior to becoming a cycling attorney, Matt was an adjuster in one of the largest auto insurance companies in California and he understands the inner workings of insurance companies.  This unique and diverse experience gives Matt an advantage over essentially every other cycling attorney. 

Since 2014, Matt has recovered tens of millions of dollars in cycling accident settlements, and he is committed to doing the best job possible to resolve any bike accident case that comes across his desk.  Our clients ask, “Does Matt ride a bike?” He sure does, he rides a mountain bike usually towing his son in the trailer behind!  Matt always says he leaves the real cycling to the other cyclists in the firm, but truthfully, all cycling is real!

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