Mark Strohman

Operations Officer


Operations Officer

Mark serves as Bike Legal’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the firm’s business operation.  Mark relies on decades of experience in both the private and public sectors and focuses his energy on ensuring that our clients are the most valuable “asset.”  He is passionate about quality service and ensures that every client receives the highest level of personalized service and care.   Being a cyclist, and having suffered injuries himself, no one is more compassionate and understanding when someone is involved in a cycling accident.   Mark draws on more than two decades of law enforcement experience and uses this expertise to help fight for our clients that are wrongly placed at fault when they are injured. 

Cycling was a huge factor in Mark’s recovery from a serious injury, and now he is committed to ensuring Bike Legal is doing everything they can to help support and grow the sport, especially for those who are less privileged.  Mark believes that no one should be prevented from experiencing the freedom and joy that a bicycle provides because of economic and/or social barriers. 

Mark makes himself available at anytime for our clients and staff and wants you to come experience the Bike Legal Difference.

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