AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Mar 30, 2022

One of the beautiful things about a bicycle is it gives us the freedom to escape great distances and we typically ride many miles away from our home base. We all ride well prepared for the risk of flat tires and minor on-the-road repairs, but what happens when your trusty steed is not so trustworthy anymore and becomes disabled? It has happened to most of us, and if you ride any frequently, it’ll most likely happen to you too.

When the unfortunate happens, and our bicycle becomes unrideable, we revert to the phone a friend (or family) for a rescue. What do you do if this option is not available? Sure, you can call an Uber or Lyft and try to convince them to carry your bicycle, but there may be a better way that you have already paid for. AAA provides its members Bicycle Roadside Assistance as part of their AAA Emergency Road Service at no additional cost. Who knew? We certainly had no idea!

Whether your bicycle has a flat tire or a broken chain, or gets damaged in a collision with a vehicle, object or even a pothole, AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance will come to the rescue 24/7, 365 days a year. AAA will transport you and your disabled bike to a safe location as quickly and comfortably as possible, up to 200 miles, depending on your Membership’s level of coverage. The best part is you do not even have to sign up for the benefit, it is already part of your AAA plan. We have all seen how poorly some of the public roads are maintained, and the risk for damage and flats is ever increasing. AAA’s coverage really can come in handy if you already have a membership or are considering getting a membership.

There are some things AAA’s Bicycle Roadside Assistance does not do, they will not repair your disabled bike, cover bicycle storage, breaking or cutting locks on a bicycle you’re unable to access, reimbursement for an impounded bicycle, or off-road service in areas not safely passable by an emergency assistance vehicle. It also does not cover transportation due to rider fatigue. So, whatever you do, don’t ride a Century one way, bonk, and think AAA will drive you home!

AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance will assist you roadside by transporting you and your bicycle to a repair shop, your home, or another safe location. This is the first step toward getting you and your bike back on the road. Remember, the distance is based on the level of your membership.

As surprised as you probably are with AAA’s Bicycle Roadside Service, we contacted them just to verify this is a real thing! Well, it is. They will drive you to a safe location, be it your home, shop or other location all based on the distances specified in your level of service. Sorry E-bikers, this service is for pedal bikes only. We recommend that you contact your local AAA office to verify they have the service available in your area and if there are any specific limitations, and remember to ride safe, be visible, and obey the law!

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