Martin Jerisat

Trial Attorney, Former Chicago Public Defender


Trial Attorney & Former Chicago Public Defender

My name is Martin, and I am the cycling trial attorney here at Bike Legal. Each one of us has a very unique talent; mine is litigation. My law career started in Chicago where I was as a public defender for three years. While at the Public Defender’s Office, I handled hundreds of cases, trying over 30. There are not a lot of attorneys that understand trial work, which frequently hinders them in recovering the maximum compensation for their clients.

Trial is my talent. Remember, insurance companies research law firms and pay according to the law firm’s ability to fight and win—something we have done many times at Bike Legal. When the insurance companies see our name, they know we get results. I am a big part of those results because our firm is willing to take cases to trial and the insurance companies know this. When insurance companies see that the law firm is willing to spend the money necessary to take a case to trial, it completely changes their outlook on the value of the case.

Here are some examples of my results:

  • Our client was offered $5,000 to settle his case. We refused. I took the case to trial and won $115,000 for our client.
  • An insurance company offered $10,000 to settle our client’s case. We refused the offer and, instead, I prepared the case for trial, ultimately recovering $100,000.
  • An insurance company offered our client $100,000 to settle, which was well below the value of the case. I took the case to trial and secured a verdict of $750,000. I had to appeal the verdict and now I am retrying the case in September and anticipate a proper verdict in the range of $1,500,000.

I often ride my road bike, but not enough to call myself a cyclist like Gven or Mark. Plus, my primary passion is trying cases—and this is what you want me focusing on for you!

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