Gven F. Sariol

Cyclist and Case Manager


Cyclist & Case Manager Since 2002

Hi, my name is Gven. I have been a case manager for personal injury cases since 2002 and have worked with some of the best personal injury lawyers and cycling lawyers the state California has ever seen. I have been a part of hundreds of cycling accident cases, as well as millions of dollars in settlements.

My strength is in understanding the value of cases by understanding their unique economic circumstances. I am a cyclist myself and started riding seriously in 2008. However, growing up, I rode a BMX bike and even built my own courses when we still had empty lots in California! When I first started riding my road bike, I had already worked on a few cycling cases through the years and I knew that I did not want to end up in a cycling accident. I ended up hiring a cycling coach and he helped teach me to be as safe as possible on the bike.

Because I was already handling personal injury cases, I began to see an immediate need for a law firm that understood the needs of cyclists. In 2009, the firm that I was a part of began handling and focusing on cycling cases. I am proud to say that I am now part of the best cycling law firm in the state of California. I look forward to being a part of your legal team and assisting you if the need arises.

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