Cyclist killed in collision on Santa Clara Truck Trail

May 2, 2022


Another bright light in our cycling community has been dimmed.

John Hermoso, an LA Rapha ride leader, master chef in the kitchen, and friend to many, was killed on Saturday, April 30 in a collision on the Santa Clara Truck Trail, approximately one mile south of Fire Department Camp 9. He was on a group ride with friends.

There have been some conflicting reports since the crash occurred and it is under investigation. Biking in LA received the following report from Hamid Valai, who rolled up on the scene minutes after it happened:

“I had just met this group minutes before the accident and talked to the victim while we were filling up our bottles at the Fire Department mentioned above. I didn’t get his name, but he was a really nice guy who told me about all the trails in the area. They descended The Santa Clara Truck Trail a couple of minutes before me. I was devastated to roll on to the accident scene.

Also, the driver did not flee the scene. He was on the phone with 911 on speaker phone, while they gave CPR instructions to the cyclist’s friend. He was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s driving a BMW convertible. The front windshield was destroyed along with other front-end damage from the impact.

I did not see the accident. I have no idea who was at fault. All I know is that it happened around a tight bend in the road, where you have no idea who’s coming around the corner. This was absolutely devastating. A wonderful day or riding turned tragic. I just attended the Andrew Jemel memorial ride last week in Griffith Park. As an avid cyclist, this is very disturbing. Thanks for all the help in reporting on cycling fatalities.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and cycling community.

News story courtesy of Biking in LA and Hamid Valai.

Photos courtesy of @rusty_usmc, @erics5150, @itcouldbeme2022.

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