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Broken collarbones (clavicles) are consistently one of the most — if not the most — common bicycle accident injuries. If you’ve been riding for a while, you probably know at least one person who has suffered a clavicle fracture. It may even be you.

If you broke your collarbone in a bicycle accident and you believe someone else was at-fault for the crash, you have the right to seek legal counsel from a qualified bike accident attorney. Our California bicycle accident lawyers are also avid cyclists; we understand the importance of getting proper medical treatment so that you can fully recover and get back on the road. We can help you deal with the insurance company and seek the fair compensation for your broken collarbone that you deserve.

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Recovering from a Bicycle-Related Collarbone Injury

Clavicle fractures and other collarbone injuries are extremely painful — but they do not necessarily signal the end of your cycling days. While in very severe cases, a collarbone fracture can result in lasting injuries, this is relatively rare. With proper treatment, you will likely make a full recovery and be able to get back to cycling in a matter of weeks or months.

That being said, the recovery process can be long and, in some cases, difficult. You will likely need some or all of the following:

Immediate emergency medical treatment right after the crash

X-rays and other tests to diagnose the type and location of the fracture

A sling, to be worn for a designated period of time (typically about six weeks)

Surgery, in the event that the bone has been displaced or with severe fractures

Short- or long-term physical rehabilitation therapy

All of this treatment can quickly add up. In addition, your injuries may prevent you from working, either while you are undergoing treatment or while you recover. During your recovery period, you will not be able to ride.

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At Bike Legal, we help injured cyclists recover full and fair compensation for all of their damages, including medical expenses, lost income/wages, pain and suffering, property damage repairs, and more. Whether you were involved in a cyclist-automobile accidentmulti-cyclist crashrace accident, or single-cyclist accident caused by unsafe road conditions, we have the legal skill, experience, and resources to effectively advocate for you.

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