top cycling injuries and how to avoid them – part III

Apr 2, 2021

Bike Fit-Bike Body

Now that we have covered INDIRECT and DIRECT Knee Protection, let’s move onto how to actually go about fixing all that.

Fixing it is pretty simple. You need to assess what problems you have that are contributing to your symptoms (or if you have no symptoms, assess where your performance limiters are), then put into action a plan to systematically train them to function properly and help you put power to the pedals.

I recommend getting help with that because it is challenging. There are going to be a combination of factors to contend with, including those related to the Bike Fit or the Bike Body. The best people to get help from are typically in the realm of well-educated and experienced bike fitters than can differentiate between those categories of problems, coaches with a strong background in exercise science and biomechanics.  The best option is a physical therapist or other clinical-level practitioner who has deep understanding of the cyclists’ body and its movements.

SoCalBikePT falls into the last category. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 10 years training and racing experience, it has been quite literally an obsession to figure out how to best develop and train cyclists to get out of pain and build a bulletproof bike body for life on and off the bike. I love spending every day doing it. It is my mission to bring all the knowledge, skill, and experience from my journey back from years of injuries to feeling better than ever on the bike.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do it the hard way and go to school for like 10 years to figure it out.

To help you with that, I invite you to download a copy of a free resource I made just for you about the “5 Cycling Injuries NOT healed with Rest”. You will learn the TRUE meaning behind Pain and Tightness. Explore why “rest” doesn’t work for the most common cycling injury aches and pains and understand what you need to do to get out of pain and back to riding!

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Join us in our “Cycling Performance and Injury Support” Group with weekly Live training and content around how to help you get stronger, go faster and ride longer.

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Do you listen to podcasts when you ride? Me too! I have learned so much from doing that. And I want you to learn more from me too, so check out the SoCalBikePT Podcast for weekly episodes that empower you to be a better rider!

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I hope you learned more about how your Bike Body works…and if you did, please forward it on to someone you think needs to learn that too!   

Keep It Rubber Side Down,

Dr. Tim Woo, PT, DPT


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Dr. Tim Woo earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Western University of Health Sciences and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Movement and Sports Science from University of La Verne. He is an avid racer, a member of the cycling community in Southern California, and treats pro, amateur, and recreational cycling athletes.  Please visit to see how he can help get you riding at your highest level.                                    

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