6 Awesome Pieces Of Gear To Keep You Seen

Jun 15, 2016

As a cyclist, safety is a top concern in order to enjoy the sport. This means not only following all of the California bike laws for safety but also ensuring you are aware of your surroundings and they are aware of you.

Check out these 6 awesome pieces of gear that will help you be seen!

Albedo100 Reflective Spray Paint

Albedo100 is a line of sprays that have light-reflective properties so that anything sprayed can be seen in low light conditions when lights shine on it.

They have the Invisible Bright and Sparkling Grey sprays which are temporary and designed for textiles like your shoes, jacket, backpack or clothing. The Invisible Bright is nearly invisible during the day whereas the Sparkling Grey has a grey color to it. These can be washed off after use or will usually come off after about a week.

Proviz Reflect360+ Gilet

This is a wind and waterproof; lightweight, reflective vest great for cyclists and runners. The material used in the vest is known for its ability to be very reflective at night when picking up an external light source such as car headlights.

The material used is very technical in that it offers breathability while protecting you from water and also being highly reflective. This is the second improved version of the original successful Reflect360 launched in 2014. This can easily be put on over a t-shirt or sweatshirt to ensure you are seen.

Qwerkity Spoke lights

Here is another great solution for lighting up your wheels at night, especially for those who like a bit of color.

These spoke lights give out a bright light, which can be constant or flashing. They are water-resistant and can easily be fastened to your wheel in a matter of seconds. The lights come in the red color seen above, as well as a multi-colored set. With these, you won’t have to worry about not being seen if you’re riding after dark. Surely you will probably attract some attention.

Proviz Switch Jacket

Here we have to feature another Proviz product, as this company is on target when it comes to cycling safety. This is a dual-layer reversible jacket with a fluorescent yellow material for the daytime and their highly reflective material for the nighttime. Simply turn the jacket inside out if your ride goes from day to night and ensure you are always highly visible. The jacket is also made to be breathable with a perforated back and side vents.

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack

When riding, this backpack will help you stay hydrated and highly visible to others on the road. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and this bag can hold up to 70 fluid ounces, which can be accessed by simply biting and sipping the mouthpiece.
The bag also features storage pockets for small items and space to carry along a pump and a multi-tool. Last but not least; highly reflective detailing and a spot to attach a blinking light increase your visibility.

Giro Empire ACC Reflective Shoes

A company known for high-performance cycling shoes, The Empire ACC outdoes themselves with this pair of shoes which features a reflective coating built into the microfiber of the shoe. Whenever streetlights or headlights shine on you, your shoes will glow brightly. Furthermore, they are made to be breathable, extremely comfortable, and to provide arch support. If you are already in the market for some high-performance cycling shoes, these can hit two birds with one stone; improving safety and performance.

Stay Safe Out There

You always want to stay safe when you ride and having the right gear can go a long way. Without it, you are at a much greater danger of getting in an accident, which our bike accident attorneys see far too often. Consider one of these awesome products to help keep you visible and safe out there while enjoying your cycling adventures.

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