2 Steps To Help Put A Stop To The Buttdart “Game”

Aug 1, 2017

Many of you, like us, were outraged at the recent Butt Dart “game” started by Chad Stewart Towersey through videos he shares on his social media profiles (@ocinstanews). Well, despite reaching out to him, there has been no progress in getting him to discourage the Butt Dart movement. Quite the opposite, in fact. After seeing all of our activity on social media over this weekend his rhetoric only got worse.  The next step we can take is to contact the social media platforms to report ocinstanews and attempt to get his content removed. With the safety of California cyclists at risk, here’s how you can help.

Step 1: Report @ocinstanews to Facebook

Facebook has community standards it upholds. In this case, Towersey’s content has broken the policy contained under “Helping to Keep you Safe”. His video about the Butt Dart “game” promotes the bullying and harassment of cyclists within California and puts them at risk. On these grounds, you can report him.

To do so, head to the ocinstanews Facebook page here. Below the cover photo, there is a button that reads “Share” and next to it is a button with three dots on it (pictured below). If you click that button, you will be able to select “Report Page”.

Next, select the box for “It’s harassing me or someone I know.”

Lastly, click “Submit to Facebook for review.”

Step 2: Report @ocinstanews to Instagram

Instagram also has community guidelines which have been broken by Towersey’s post on the grounds of not respecting other members of the Instagram community and, more specifically, causing serious threats of harm to the public.

You can file a report on the bullying/harassment of the video if you are not an Instagram user by clicking here.

If you are an Instagram member, visit the ocinstanews Instagram page hereor by searching @ocinstanews in the mobile app.

Once on the profile, click on the button with three dots at the top of the page.

Then, click “Report….”

Select “It’s inappropriate.”

While, you’re there, head over to the profile under username “butt_darts_anonymous” and report it as well.

Protect Our Cyclists in the OC Community

While it is unfortunate it has come to this, we can’t afford to allow such behavior to be promoted in our community. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, co-workers, daughter, sons, and more are out on the road on bicycles. We need to protect them against this harassment and potential harm. If enough people band together and take action, we can shut this down.

Been Harassed? Contact Us ASAP

We are looking to see if we can file a restraining order against this individual on behalf of all cyclists. Although Chad is entitled to his first amendment right to freedom of speech, he is not entitled to harass and potentially injure us as cyclists. In one of his video’s Chad yells “Butt dart” at multiple cyclists while they are descending into Dana Point from Laguna Beach. These cyclists were moving at well above 30 mph. It doesn’t take much to startle someone and cause them to go down. Imagine the damage to someone that goes down moving at that speed.

Please private message us if you’ve been harassed by Chad or anyone yelling out Butt Dart while riding. We want to keep track and bring it to the public’s attention to how dangerous this guy really is.

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