America’s Coast-to-Coast Bike Path More Than Halfway Complete

Aug 26, 2019

The nonprofit organization Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is working alongside state governments to complete a bike path that will span from Washington State to Washington, D.C.

During planning, the agencies set specific criteria to ensure the trail is safe for runners, cyclists, and others. When finished, users will be able to journey across a route separated from vehicle traffic.

The Expanse of the Path

The Great American Rail-Trail (GART), as it’s referred to, will be 3,700 miles long and will take riders and hikers through 12 states. Although the path is more than 52% complete, the people behind the project believe it will take up to 20 years to finish identifying routes and filling in gaps between existing trails.

The RTC anticipates that the new path will allow over 50 million riders and hikers within a 50-mile radius to enjoy its use. While traveling along the GART, users will be able to safely experience scenic America and explore the county’s history.

Moving Toward a Goal

The RTC first envisioned the project in the 1980s when a law passed allowing companies to turn former rail lines into trails. Now, with it over halfway done, the organization sees the path becoming a reality.

Contact Bike Legal for Counsel

The Great American Rail-Trail will offer cyclists a unique way to explore the country in a car-free environment. However, in the beginning, the path will be only 80% separated from traffic, and riders are advised to use care when traveling through vehicle zones.

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